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EverWatch has a long-term investment horizon and is focused on growing capital across generations.

Public Investments Approach & Philosophy
Superior returns are generated through investment in high quality assets with strong fundamental growth potential. By investing in assets with potential for strong earnings growth throughout and across market cycles, returns should ultimately follow investment fundamentals. We seek to invest in managers who share this philosophy, and seek to identify companies with strong and under-levered balance sheets, robust positive free cash flow, and strong competitive advantages in industries and sectors that are themselves experiencing compelling growth.

Private Investments Approach & Philosophy
Our private markets approach parallels that of the public markets in seeking returns that are generated from quality growth. Throughout its history, EverWatch has completed commitments to a variety of managers and strategies across the broader private markets spectrum, including buyouts, venture capital/growth equity, real estate, real assets, and private credit. Whether allocating to funds or co-investment opportunities, our mission is to partner with best-in-class sponsors with (i) established track records, (ii) differentiated value creation strategies, and (iii) deep industry experience / domain expertise.